I'm Chris, a Manchester based software developer and self-confessed technology buff. Although, in today's digital era, I think most people will admit to being acquainted with their inner geek; owing largely to the growing popularity of social media and recent developments in the mobile hardware market.

Personally, I'm more software orientated and remember writing my first code in BASIC on a ZX Spectrum at the age of 8. In 2000, I started a BSc in Mathematics & Management Sciences at UMIST which introduced me to other languages such as C, Fortran & MATLAB. After graduating in 2003 I decided to follow the developer route and attained an MSc in Applied Numerical Computing from the University of Manchester the following year.

I've been a software developer ever since, working in a variety of different languages ranging from low-level IBM Assembler through to C-based languages. I currently specialise in creating semantic, standards-compliant websites as well as desktop & mobile applications. My core skills are:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3 / LESS / Sass / Compass
  • JavaScript / jQuery
  • PHP / MYSQL / Apache
  • XML / XSL / XPath
  • AS3 / Flash / Flex / AIR
  • C# / Objective C (iOS)
  • WordPress / Drupal

Work / Freelance

I currently work as a freelance software developer specialising in the creation of standards-compliant websites and mobile applications. I am well versed in both front and back-end development languages as well as frameworks such as Zend and CodeIgniter.

Clients I’ve worked alongside include Peel Holdings, Cube3, Liverpool City Council, Cash Generator and Manchester University.

If you have a digital project in mind and you'd like to get your idea off the ground, please feel free to contact me.